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Cool stuff. So, hello. A long time ago in internet speak I tried to get involved with some ruby open source software. Work took this interest and refocused it into VoIP apps. So I spend a lot of my waking hours troubleshooting modern telephony; with some API mangling on the side. I haven’t had the chance to actually sit down and talk about it for quite some time. But I’ll try to now day by day. If you happen to deal with Cisco on an hourly basis then enjoy the journey.

I sometimes can't believe how silly some enterprise software is. An app I had to call someone to support is a mismash of docker swarm and co-resident Postgres on the same box. Why

Hi I am totally paying attention and haven't forgotten about this server. Oops.

Been distracted by a work issue all week, but nothing will stop me from Shrek on a gameboy advance in VR.

Found out this has a microphone. Kind of neat if I wanted to scream from underwater.

Trying to settle down a bit, but it's tough when I have to drive an hour each day trying to remove things from one place and put them in another. Looking forward to getting back to the coding.

I just realized I left an Echo plugged in with no internet in the apartment. Now only Google can hear my thoughts...

Quietly embedding ruby scripts at work. Really wish we weren't a python shop.

Visiting Rochester the one week of the year it's at it's coldest. After I loved to a place known for heat. It's more like I'm the climate changer than anything...

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