I sometimes can't believe how silly some enterprise software is. An app I had to call someone to support is a mismash of docker swarm and co-resident Postgres on the same box. Why

Hi I am totally paying attention and haven't forgotten about this server. Oops.

Been distracted by a work issue all week, but nothing will stop me from Shrek on a gameboy advance in VR.

Found out this has a microphone. Kind of neat if I wanted to scream from underwater.

Trying to settle down a bit, but it's tough when I have to drive an hour each day trying to remove things from one place and put them in another. Looking forward to getting back to the coding.

I just realized I left an Echo plugged in with no internet in the apartment. Now only Google can hear my thoughts...

Quietly embedding ruby scripts at work. Really wish we weren't a python shop.

Visiting Rochester the one week of the year it's at it's coldest. After I loved to a place known for heat. It's more like I'm the climate changer than anything...

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