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ps3 that’s the new one right. the one that just came out

Blame game going on at work. I just drove home in the middle of it. Don't let it drag you down.

5 am. Been running out of energy early and waking up early -- lots of on call pages that need to be corrected.

I almost exclaimed it's Friday but then my phone rang and it said Thursday.

I feel like I don’t get angry enough at work. Sometimes nothing happens until someone pushes it and I hate being that person.

Proud owner of a new joke domain. Probably need to slow down a bit but this one was pretty good.

Change control is where good ideas go to die.

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Me: *big long sigh of resignation and disappointment*
You: What’s up?
Me: *gestures wildly at the universe*

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ok so apparently on netflix now shows that don't have a trailer get an algorithmically generated poster video that's just a couple scenes looped over music, and the trailer for pokémon XY is set to some loud ass drum&bass and it's the funniest god damn thing

I got asked to write a python script today that was really just a curl invokation. Feels pretty good to not write code sometimes.

Instead of a security exception we’re just going to assume my account works forever. Fun. Though I wouldn’t trade the Enterprise life for the startup life.

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